T-Cell Algorithm for Economic Dispatch Problems

This directory contains the source code for the algorithm presented in the article "An Immune Algorithm with Power Redistribution for Solving Economic Dispatch Problems"

It is codified in Java.


To compile:

> javac *.java

To run:

> java tcell_main <datos.dat> <popsize> <evaluations> <probability>
<datos.dat> Contains the information for the function in the following order:
 function code (1= SYS_3U_a; 2= SYS_3U_b; 3= SYS_40U; 4= SYS_6U; 5= SYS_15U; 6= SYS_20U; 7= SYS_18U; 8= SYS_13U;)
 best found value
 number of equality constraints
 number of inequality constraints
 number of units (decision variables)
 power demand
 lower limit variable 1
 upper limit variable 1
 lower limit variable 2
 upper limit variable 2
 lower limit variable N
 upper limit variable N
<popsize> population size
<evaluations> number of evaluation of the objective function
<probability> probability of application of the redistribution process